Monday, March 5, 2012

NEX Testing Continues

While I await delivery of one more piece and try to arrange for thermal imaging of the camera recording AVCHD, I thought I'd share this picture of my NEX-5N in the "lab". I call it NEX ICU. An explanation of what you are looking at follows the image. (click image to enlarge)

You are looking at the NEX-5N on edge, mounted on a tripod, pointing down, with no lens attached.  The LCD is elevated.  The surface temperature sensor is taped into the flash threaded insert.  A small fan, about the size of a nickel, sits on the back plane. The HDMI, USB and AC adapter cables are connected after passing through a container containing a frozen gel-pack.

All these measures, to a greater or lesser degree, reduce the rate of temperature gain in my NEX-5N, recording video at the highest resolution, under my test conditions ; yet none of them individually, nor all of them and more, taken together, have been, thus far, able to stem the rise in temperature and the seeming inevitability of thermal shutdown.

I expect to have a final report on my findings in about a week.

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