Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Kid on the Block

The block is back from the machine shop. Where does one have to go to find an old time machine shop that does things right? Why downtown Portland of course.

Even as new condos arise in the Pearl District and shi-shi restaurants open next door, Bearing Services keeps trukin' along.  Located just a block behind Powell's Books in a building so old it's back in style.  There you will find a complete machine shop smelling of solvents and overflowing with blocks, crankshafts and pistons.

The short block.  They painted it already so my plan to paint it yellow is foiled (mercifully according to many). Chris came over and helped me get it back on the stand.

Pistons all shiny and new. They should be for $2200. They had to be bored out "twenty-thousandths" (of an inch that is). Doesn't sound like a lot, but for this little engine it's right at the edge. Any more and the block would be junk.

After about 3 hours Chris and I (mostly Chris) have the head is torqued down, the timing gears are in place and its cover reinstalled and the oil pan is bolted down.

The mighty Yanmar 3TN75 starts to look look every part of its 23 horsepower.